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Great Results
Pool Buddy Helderberg
I have been using PoolCure since November 2010 and have had good results not only in the quality of water but also re-using my backwash water to irrigate my garden. There are also massive savings on electricity as I only run the pump in the middle of summer for 2 hours a day. If I was using a salt water chlorinator the pump would need to run for at least 8 to 10 hours a day to manufacture enough chlorine to sanitise the pool water.
If we analyse these savings 8 hours per day at R1.00 per kilowatt/hour would be in the region of R240.00 rand per a month based on a 30 day window. Using PoolCure I only spend R60.00 per a month on electricity.
I also supply solar bubble covers and in the winter months the pump does not run at all. During summer with the solar cover there is minimal evaporation and obviously left with the temperature that I desire.
PoolCure is a once a month application and therefore no testing for chlorine levels everyday. The only thing that needs to be checked once a week is the ph balance that should be around 7 for the best results.
Anyone is welcome to inspect my pool for a first-hand experience.
You can contact me on 021 853 8080 or 083 282 4363.

Excellent Product!
I need to compliment you on supplying one of the best water treatment products I have ever come across. We have been using Poolcure since mid March 2011, in all three of our pools which have 35000L, 70000L and 1 400 000L water capacity, respectively. The quality of the water is excellent and no more chlorine to agitate our students eyes and skin. The water is good enough to drink straight out of the pool. Besides the environmental benefits we have cut our water treatment expenses by 60%. Although the pools still have to be tested regularly, the labour involved to “dose” the pool has shrunk to a mere 25% of what it used to be. Not to mention the osh act benefits, money spent on ppe, storage, inspections and certification is now 0%.
Where Poolcure surprised me the most was when we had our biggest pool repaired. We had to drain the water to just under the weirs, therefore the pumps could not run for six weeks. From previous experiences we found with chlorine, the water would start to turn green after day 3 or 4 and by 6 weeks we would sit with soup. Poolcure however, kept the water clear and blue for the entire time and we did not even have to add any product.
All in all an excellent product.

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